Local Economic Development

The Mohokare Local Municipality identified the following Local Economic Development needs and strategies for the period 2011 to 2013:

  • Proper LED planning aligned to growth programmes of national and provincial government;
  • Strategic partnerships with government, business, stakeholders and the community
  • Expansion of agriculture as key economic sector
  • Fully develop the Smithfield Activity Centre for economic growth and Tourism
  • Fully develop Montagu tourism spot in Zastron, through PPP
  • Fully develop the Kloof Dam Tourism and the Heritage Area in Zastron, through PPP
  • Managing all the Municipal Cattle through PPP, targeting youth development
  • Outsourcing of Municipal Rental Housing, for Job creation and SMME development
  • Development of agro-industries in terms of manufacturing and processing
  • Develop strategies to allow for healthy trade and mobility between Lesotho and Mohokare i.e. tarring of the Makgaleng road and commercialising the Makgaleng border post.
  • Resuscitate the rail road from Zastron to Bloemfontein
  • Development of a Public Transport Plan
  • Exploit irrigation opportunities
  • Capacity Building initiatives for the unit
  • Capacity Building for already established SMEs and SMMEs
  • Implementation of the Meat processing factory project.
  • Profiling of the Tourism potential of the three towns.

Local Economic Development Plan, 2007 / 2012