The Municipality is both a water services authority and a water services provider in terms of the Water Services Act 1997 (Act No 108 of 1997). The Municipality’s water supply activities entail the abstraction, conveyance, treatment and distribution of potable water, water intended to be converted to potable water or water for commercial use but not water for industrial use.

Abstraction of water

The Municipality abstracts water from the following sources:

Water purification and quality

There are water treatment works in each of the three towns.  The Municipality’s water services development plan must, in terms of the Regulations Relating to Compulsory National Standards and Measures to Conserve Water 2001, include a water quality sampling programme for sampling the quality of the water it provides to consumers. Such a sampling programme must specify the points at which potable water provided to consumers will be sampled, the frequency of sampling and for which substances and determinants the water will be tested. The Municipality must compare the results obtained from the testing of the samples with SABS 241: Specifications for Drinking Water, or the South African Water Quality Guidelines published by the Department of Water Affairs. There are five sampling points per town.

Blue Drop Status

The Mohokare Local Municipality obtained 77.04 % in the 2012 annual Blue Drop Certification programme of the Department of Water Affairs which placed the municipality on the seventh (7) position on the provincial log for blue drop scores. The assessment report indicated that “The DWA applauds the commitment of the municipal management of Mohokare Local Municipality; drinking water quality management that was shown as receiving the required attention to ensure continued service delivery improvements.”