Environmental Profile

The municipality covers an area of 877597.7ha of which 88.3 % has remained as natural habitat. There are three formal land-based protected areas in the municipality, namely the Xhariep Dam Nature Reserve, the Oviston Nature Reserve and a Vulture Conservation Area. These three reserves cover 4254.5ha of the municipal area. There are no RAMSAR sites in the municipality.

There are two biomes in Mohokare Municipality covering 877597.3ha, namely Grassland and Nama-Karoo. Thirteen vegetation types cover 877597.3ha of the municipality. There is also one vulnerable ecosystems, covering 3471.4ha, of the Mohokare Municipality. This is the Eastern Free State Clay Grassland. The Freshwater Ecosystems in the municipality are characterized by two water management areas. Thirteen rivers run through the municipality, namely the;

  • Caledon
  • Fouriespruit
  • Gryskopspruit
  • Hendrik Smitstroom
  • Klipspruit
  • Kromspruit
  • Makhaleng
  • Orange
  • Riet
  • Rietspruit
  • Skulpspruit and
  • Witspruit

Wetlands cover 1.6 % of the Mohokare municipality. The average annual rainfall varies from 498mm per annum in Smithfield, and 503 mm in Rouxville, to 657mm in Zastron (average since 1996).